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17th Jul, 2011

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Good god, i miss him so much. I shouldn't most likely, but i do.

28th Apr, 2010

End of an era

The new Head Girl is going to be chosen in the next few days. It's rather sad actually, more than I thought it would be. I've gotten quite used to being referred to as Head Girl. That and I feel as if this year has gone way too quick for my liking.

I saw A very briefly the last few days, just quick fleeting smiles and that's it. It seems like he's got a less working job, that or he's a hermit, or he's hiding......However, J and I got into the convent next door which was incredibly scary/exciting. It's so much bigger than it looks outside, but we got some pretty jokes pictures :D

Prom is nearly sorted, as are the leavers hoodies. Soon we should be ready to sell both of them. For now it's just getting everything organised. Pretty boring but very time consuming, I just want to get it over and done with to be honest.

I do miss him actually, I miss the silly little conversations we had, but I suppose I can't do anything about it can I?

Right.....now i sufficiently depressed, I'm off to go and mope around facebook
P.s. Oooh look, first public post in ages, not that anyone else reads this lol

10th Feb, 2010

Happy days

I had an interview for Uni the other day, it was nerve-wracking and tiring but exciting all the same and thankfully they sent a letter the other day saying that they were offering me a place with a lowered offer too!!!! I know right :D So happy.

I realise that it looks as if I haven't updated in ageesss but I've been a little crazy with the Private post button :D Whoopsy


25th Jan, 2010


I do believe that whatever we had, is over. Confused as to what happened but surprisingly, not minding that much :D
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15th Sep, 2009

Back to the monotony!

Woohoo, back to school once again. It's quite fun so far, I've got my own little office seen as I'm Head Girl, and apart from the influx of duties and little bits and pieces that I have to do for that, it's quite fun!

I got my results back, they were good, but disappointing at the same time, I wish I’d done just a little better just so that it’s easier for me now but I suppose I should be happy that I did so much better than in the Unit 1 exams in Jan.

We went to Brands Hatch to watch the racing, that was really exciting, unfortunately we didn’t get into the pits, but we were allowed on the other side of them so that was pretty damn cool!

I’ve seen A a few times, last Monday when we came back to school, he was around, and when I passed him I smiled and he said “You’re back” so we had a little conversation about me going on holiday and how I don’t even look tanned! The nerve! Lol. I saw him again on Friday, and I told him about my office to which, he knew nothing about, so I had to tell him that I’d been made Head Girl, to which he replied ‘So who did you have to pay to get that!?’ I know!! I don’t know whether I should be insulted or amused.

Gah! I don’t know why I have an urge to see him or to talk to him. I don’t think it’s a crush, but it’s really quite weird!

Guess what?! I got a laptop! It’s so pretty and blue and shiny, I love it! It’s strange though, being able to be upstairs and still be able to use it and go online. Really weird. I just hope that it helps me do well, I can’t afford to do badly this year. WAIL!

Off to bed now...well that and finish my English hw! Oh dear!

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18th Jul, 2009

6 weeks of nothing, here I come!!

Good lord. It's only the first day of the holidays and I'm bored out of my brains! I don't know what I'm going to do for the next six weeks. Cry, probably!

I saw A on Tuesday, had a little chat with him too, which was nice. Seen as on Thursday & Friday he was nonexistent! (Howevs on Thurs I saw his car, but not him and on Fri I saw him super briefly, literally a glimpse of him through lots of people!) So Tuesday! Me & J were getting ready to go home, and for days the caretakers have been digging up a tree in the Prep school, so J went to the toilet and I went downstairs because A was by himself doing the digging. He claims that they are building a swimming pool (which they aren't) but he was like 'You can come down here, bring your bikini and go for a swim.'  There followed a very silly conversation where he asked if I'd like to help him with the digging and so I saw 'No, I'll stay up here watching whilst looking pretty.' Lol.

I've also found out that he's been using the shower in our toilets after school, which I laughed at. He mentioned the bow (again) and was like 'I see the bow's come back', I replied 'Yep. I haven't worn it for a while so I decided to wear it today' and he was like 'Oh yeah, I noticed that.'  It was an odd conversation tbh, but a nice one, because I hadn't seen him in ages and I knew I probs wouldn't see him again till September.

On Wednesday we finally got to do the prize for winning the competition at Skills London in November (ish.) We were taken down to Southampton (a three + hour drive on a cramped mini-bus. A journey that normally only takes 2-2 and a half hours!) So we got there and we got breakfast and then we were taken out on the powerboat, and we were able to drive it around a bit. Then we had lunch and after that the instructor let loose and it was so amazingly scary!! We were literally bouncing over the waves, it was crazy! The guys were all really nice. Really friendly and funny. One of them was taking pictures of us, which are jokes. But it was such a great day. Hopefully I'll email one of the guys who said that he might be able to get us some tickets to watch the motorbike racing, and possibly be let down into the pits! So fingers tightly crossed because that would be amazing!

Off to go do some tidying up now. Joy! xx

Us getting ready

16th Jun, 2009

Surprisingly uneventful

That is what this week has been, really quite uneventful. There has been a load of boring Head Girl stuff but honestly I cannot be bothered to go into detail about it as it's too time consuming and I just can't be arsed. However, one girl, N seems to be very chummy with W at the moment and I don't really like it, it's getting on my nerves actually.

I saw A sometime this/last week but for the life of me I can't remember...Wait, now I can. I think it must have been sometime last week,  I had just signed myself out at reception and I opened the door. Walking towards me, was M and I'd seen him a few minutes ago and I'd kinda ignored him. So I smiled (I think) and he said something like 'You alright?' I wasn't paying too much attention as I'd just spotted A walking in behind him, so I kinda muttered 'Yeah'! and for some reason I turned towards the wall to hold the door open when really I should have face outwards because then I'd be able to talk to A. However, after M had gone through, he took the door from me and so I turned around and A said 'No bow today?' and I replied 'Nope nothing today!' while walking away. It's quite cute really because I could have ignored him and vice versa, he didn't have to talk to me but he did.

Today I saw him a couple of times, nothing major and no talking. In the morning I really had to go to the toilet after my first lesson, so I walked pretty speedy towards the next room intending on chucking my bag down and running to the loo. But as I got in there, J was standing reading the notice board so I stopped there and just as I'd started to talk to her, B came around the corner so I looked up and we did really tiny smiles at each other. I carried on talking to J and then as I couldn't keep her talking I had to say bye and I jogged towards the classroom, looking round the corner just outside the room I suddenly saw A and as I was still smiling, I carried on doing so.// I had quite a good view of him as I came out of the Staff room as he was walking in front of me so I unashamedly did some gawking :D Good times!
Then just as I was leaving to go home, I'd walked out into the playground and he was walking towards the dinner hall, but he was too far forward so he didn't turn around, so I carried on going into school, I'd just reached reception when I realised that I really should ring mum and tell her that I was leaving. So I had to go around in a big arsed circle to go back out into the playground, where I sat on a bench to ring mum/wait for A to come out. (God, I can be such a stalker!) But anyways, mum luckily took her time, and while I was sitting there I saw B down the side of the dining room, but he was talking to someone so he wasn't about to come my way any time soon. I looked down for a little bit trying to remember how to spell my school name, when I looked up A had come out of the dining hall and was walking back towards the building, I was a bit bummed because mum hadn't finished talking yet. so I ended the conversation as soon as I could, and by this time B was walking back towards school, when I got into the main corridor he was just coming in through the other door, so he was walking behind me but A had disappeared. But better that than nothing I suppose!

I had my first driving lesson the other day, it was as scary as hell but good fun. I can't steer to save my life, I manage to drift quite a bit but I good at everything else, like gears, pedals etc. it was good fun actually. I'll have another one next weekend not sure if I'm having any during the week though, we haven't sorted that out yet.

Off to go do some work for School Council and for Head Girl stuff.


4th Jun, 2009

Only been a week!?

I swear I hadn't posted here for a least two weeks, strange goings on!

Tbh, not much has been hapening. Last week I was on half term so I couldn't see A, I went in for one day and in the morning he wasn't there, but in the afternoon, when I was leaving his car was there, so that meant that I managed to miss him in a whole three hours. That was a bit of a bummer. I saw him ever so beriefly on Monday at lunch, I was coming back from Greggs, and he was going towards it. I think he looked at me so I smiled, and he kinda smiled back, but I don't know. I also don't know for how long he had seen me for, because I was a fair distance from Greggs, and I'd just angrily overtaken some very slow walking people. Who know?! Other than that I haven't seen him for the last three days, and I won't again till next Tuesday. I di however see B as I was walking into school, from the playround. He'd walked in through the other door, and we met rather awkwardly at the joining of the two hallways, he had turned at the sound of the door opening and so I sorta smiled, he was walking towards the other doors, so I followed behind him. He held the door open for me but he didn't hear me say thanks, when we got to the next set of doors, he held them open to let me walk through first so I thanked him a bit louder, and he said 'You're welcome' I then very nearly skidded on a stone in the heel of my shoe but I managed to stroll it out. Lol. So yeah, that was the excitement of my week, in that department.

However, I've finished all my exams till next January!! Woohoo. I feel so relaxed now, I love it! Biology was a pain, it was difficult, and confusing but I tried, philosophy was unexpected. Unit two was good, I knew the first question and the second was fairly ok, whether I got in all the terminology and stuff I don't know. Unit one was painful, it was completely stupid, and tbh I don't know jack about Natural Law, so I rambled on about god knows what. Epic Fail!! Haha.

I am now sitting around the house, completely bored out of my brains, trying to keep myself occupied. I am doing some exercise now though, which is good, it's mainly tummy exercises, I've tried some leg ones but I don't really know how to do them so I don't think I'm doing them right.

I've joined Twitter - bad times. It is quite addictive admittedly, and I am finding all these celebs who I'm now following. Hehe, I've been accepted by Nathan Followill which I'm quite happy about, admittedly he's got like 4,000 other followers, but I'm sure that if he did just accept everyone then he'd not lock him posts. I'm enjoying it though lol.

Righto, I'm off.

11th May, 2009

University & Stuff

Yes, once again I have been a disgraceful LJ updater! I'm sorry!! But here is a new one.

Righto! On Saturday I went to Warwick Uni for their open day, and ... wow, it was so cool! It was really big but there was so many little green places all over the place. It was unbelievable! It was so lovely. I prefer it much more to LSE atm, that was nice but it was in the center of London and there was no sense of getting out of the city or of a community and I know I'd be late for every lesson, as I'd be trying to push myself through millions of tourists and workers on the streets each day. TBH, it's a bit too close to home for my liking. I'm meant to be becoming more independent but if I went there then I'd be just half an hour away from home on the train. By car, Warwick is about 2 hours away - quite good I say! I'm going to nottingham at the end of June, which hopefully should be good. Looking forward to it anyways.

I went in for the position of Head Girl last week and guess who got it?! Me!! It was horrible and terrifying but so exciting too. We had to write a letter to the head of year, stating why we wanted to be HG and what we'd bring to the role, then the night before, we had to make a presentation with basically everything we wrote in the letter but in more detail, and  then answer questions from a panel. Tbh I didn't think I'd get it, so it was an absolute surprise that I did! Hopefully mum'll take me to Tiffany's or Wright & Teague soon, probs in the summer though, to get a celebratory present/birthday present. So really I should start looking. Ah well, I really can't be bothered. I have to be in the right mood. We have the loveliest guy working at our school, we shall call him A, he is a little older than me but he is really sweet and always smiles at me. I really want to start writing down our meetings but I'm worried that if I do then I'll start forgetting them, I don't want to do that because they always give me lolz.

I got a great tan yesterday, I sat outside in the sun, revising for biology, got slightly sun burnt but all's good, nice and brown now. Well...at least my upper half at least. :D I hate revising, it's so depressing seeing all the stuff I don't know.

I've also lost my USB which completely sucks! I've looked everywhere! It's completely disappeared!! I think there is something living in my room which is stealing all of my stuff, not fun.

Off to go look for said USB, I hope this incredibly long post makes up for 22 weeks of silence.


2nd Dec, 2008

LotR & KoL!!!

Oh My Gosh!! Never guess who I'm going to see? Kings of Leon!!!!!! I'm so lucky to get these because mum was meant to be ordering over the phone but that didn't work so she went onto the computer and started to do it herself, and then dad came home and ordered them too because mum's said standing and then when she went to the checkout it said seated. So dad managed to get STANDING TICKETS for June. I've got a countdown of about 6 months and I am so excited already, it is going to be so good and I'm going to rub it in a lot of peoples faces the day before and when I get back. Wohooo!

Also, I'm going to the Royal Albert Hall to watch Lord of the Rings being played on a huge HD screen while the London Philharmonic Orchestra play the soundtrack. Isn't that just the coolest thing you have ever possibly heard of before?! It should be amazing, I am such a LotR nut! I'm going to have to abstain from watching the film for a good month before I go! AAHHH EXCITEMENT!

The loveliness which is Caleb & Jared Followill

Jared Caleb

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